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IBS Meeting

10-01-2022 | General | Venue: APDCH - Mini Conference Hall

With the blessing of Sakthi Arulthiru Amma Avargal and Sakthi Thirumathi Amma Avargal and with constant support and encouragement from our Respected Correspondent Dr.T.Ramesh.

The Institutional Board of Studies(IBS) meeting was conducted on 10.1.2022 under the guidance and headship of respected Principal, Committee members, HOD's and staff of MAPIMS & APDCH institution. A detailed discussion was done by the committee members handling each academic year regarding the undergraduate master timetable with necessary alterations to be continued for the academic year 2022-2023. Further discussions regarding timely submission of monthly/termwise teaching schedule with lesson plans, Question paper submission for terminal examinations along with answer key, alterations to be made in students record notebooks, interdisciplinary and inter-departmental activities, regular conducting of CDE programs by each department, and research activities were all discussed. Conducting model exams for 1st MDS & 3rd MDS before the university examination was also discussed during the meeting.

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