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Editorial Board


  • Dr.T.Ramesh. M.D.
  • Dr.N.Gnanasundaram. M.D.S.
  • Dr.T.V.Padmanaban. M.D.S.



  • Dr. A.S.Ramesh   


Associate Editors

  • Dr. Gayathri. M.D.S
  • Dr. Vidya Sekhar M.D.S


Advisory Editorial Board Members

  • Dr. S.Thillainayakam M.D.S.,
  • Dr.D.Arunachalam M.D.S.                  
  • Dr.H.Thamizhchelvan M.D.S.           
  • Dr.N.Gopi Chander M.D.S.               
  • Dr.Ashwin M. George M.D.S.          
  • Dr.M.Arvind  M.D.S.                        
  • Dr.V.Gopi  Krishna M.D.S.               
  • Dr.R.S.Neelakandan   M.D.S.           
  •  Dr.M.S.Muthu M.D.S. Ph.D.            
  • Dr.P.D. Madan Kumar M.D.S.          


Editorial Board Members

  • • Dr.N.Thilagavathi, M.D.S., Dept. of Oral Medicine & Diagnosis
    • Dr.T.Ramakrishnan, M.D.S., Dept. of Periodontics
    • Dr.Vasanthakumari, M.D.S., Dept. of Pedodontics
    • Dr.N.Venkatesan, M.D.S., Dept. of Implantology
    • Dr.S.Sudhakar, M.D.S., Dept. of Orthodontics
    • Dr.K.Prabhu, M.D.S., Dept. of Prosthodontics
    • Dr.M.Devi, M.D.S., Dept. of Oral Pathology
    • Dr.S.Gokkulakrishnan, M.D.S., Dept. of Oral Surgery
    • Dr.K.V.Vijayakumar, M.D.S., Dept. of Public Health Dentistry
    • Dr.A.Jayasenthil, M.D.S., Dept. of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
    • Dr.N.Barath, M.D.S., Dental Materials
    • Dr.K.Rajeswary, M.D.S., Research



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