APDCH provides comfortable accommodation to both its students and staff members. The serene and pristine ambience of the hostel makes them feel at home. The boys and girls hostel have 73 and 143 rooms respectively. Rooms of varied sizes capable of accommodating a varied strength of inmates are available. Each room is well equipped with good ventilation and lighting facilities and neatly furnished with cots, study tables, cupboards, tables, chairs, etc. The hostel has a round-the-clock (24 hour) power back up facility and an efficient R. O. system to provide clean and pure drinking water.


An experienced catering contractor runs the Institution’s mess. The mess has separate dining areas for the boys and girls of the college. Adequate ventilation facilities with exhaust fans and other required infrastructure have been provided at the mess. At any given time, the mess can easily and comfortably serve 200 students. An exclusive cafeteria to cater to the need of the day scholars is also available. Hygienic food is served in the canteen and special care is taken to use R.O. processed water for cooking purposes.