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Inclusive Environment

Inclusive environment

The institution serves all its stakeholders without any discrimination, irrespective of gender, class, religion and ethnic background. Though the students and staff members hail from different socio-economic, cultural, regional, linguistic backgrounds, all of them were given equal opportunities for their personal and professional development. The students are provided with a holistic and enriched learning experience. Celebrations such as Pongal, Teachers’ Day, International Women’s Day, Fresher’s Day are organised every year which enable the students to work as a team forgetting their differences. The college environment is free from ragging and sexual harassment. The students and staff members are encouraged to take part actively in organising and celebrating national festivals, important national and international days; various competitions are conducted to show their skills and also to inculcate the moral values and unity among the students. The students are permitted to celebrate festivals like Samathuva Pongal which provides them a platform to mingle freely forgetting their caste and creed.

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