The college organizes various courses as an accessory which are included in the curriculum. This value added course are directed by faculty members for each academic year students. These courses are conducted in parallel to the academic subjects. These value added courses are helpful for them to do better service when they exposed out from the institution.

 This helps to develop the confidence and make the students well equipped to face the challenges during and after the academics

Various courses conducted are as follows:
•    Biomedical Waste Management And Decontamination And Disinfection In Health Care Facilities
•    Research Writing
•    Nutrition And Child Dental Health
•    Tobacco Cessation Counselling
•    Ethics In Dental Practice
•    Commonly Used Drugs In Pediatric Dentistry
•    Digital Photography In Dentistry
•    Hospital Infection Control In Dental Profession
•    Isolation /Rubber Dam
•    Ergonomics In Dental Surgery
•    Medical Emergencies In Dentistry
•    Exfoliating Cytology And Pap Staining
•    Teeth Whitening Proceedures(Veneers And Bleaching)
•    Ethics In Health Research
•    Orthodontic Appliance Fabrication And Management
•    Medical Emergencies And Management In Children
•    Dental Chair Mechanics
•    Patient Communication And Counselling
•    Minimally Invasive Surgery
•    Dental Office Design And Patient Management
•    Adobe Photoshop Usage In Presenting Poster
•    Photography In Dentistry And Music Therapy
•    Biomedical Waste Management
•    Infection Control Protocol Training
•    Communication Skill Towards Handling Patient
•    Research Study Proposal Protocol For Short Study
•    Seminar Presentation
•    Ethics In Dentistry
•    How To Select An Article
•    Paper And Poster Presentation
•    English grammar
•    Social behavior and patient handling
•    Self management skills
•    Technology using Microsoft word and excel
•    Written skills development training
•    How to use social media for studies
•    Individuality and personality development in professional and public behavior
•    Assertiveness and art of saying no
•    Research study protocol
•    Nosocomial infection control practice
•    Seminar write-up protocol
•    verbal and non verbal communication skills
•    5s patient management skills
•    5s implementation at college listening skills
•    time management during examination
•    scientific paper writing and publication
•    training memory and listening skills
•    mind mapping review
•    training of self-discipline
•    presentation skills and writing
•    power point presentation for seminar
•    Dental clinic design with service guide
•    Research methodology
•    Basic Life Support
•    English Language Development skills
•    Applied Biostatistics
•    Communication skills